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Founded in 2006, Srest group is lead by a Group of young IITians who have the vision to provide the best IT/Web services. Srest is still young company at heart despite being in business since 2006 we can still produce youthful and fresh design. In that short span, Srest has changed the landscape of the Web/IT industry. Quality, Security and Service drives us. We have simple goal is to be best in whatever we do.
You may wonder why shall we select SREST when there are so many other IT and WEB companies or independent providers. Developing website has become a complex business. It is beyond scope of most IT/Web providers to provide safe, secure, reliable and scalable solutions. Srest is among few which can develop secure and scalable solutions. In most solutions/code we touched, we improved it by 10 times.
Srest Global Services Inc. is a outsourcing service provider that offers one stop solution by finding IT-enabled solutions to your most pressing needs. We provide high quality, time bound, cost effective outsourcing IT services through our offshore facilities in India with front office support in USA & UK. We can also provide as many people needed onsite to support our clients. Changing and challenging IT business environment and technological and legislative changes act as a catalyst to this trend.
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End to end ecommerce solutions

"E-commerce", like the term "E-business", also refers to the entire process of doing business by electronic means. This can involve anything from sending email to using a sophisticated procurement system. E-commerce is rapidly growing around the world, making for a true global economy.

There are several basic steps involved in becoming eCommerce Enabled.

  • Getting an Internet Merchant Bank Account
  • Web Hosting
  • Obtaining a Digital Certificate
  • Finding a Provider of Online Transactions
  • Creating or Purchasing a Shopping Cart Software

Business-to-consumer, business-to-business, intranet, extranet — however you're leveraging online technology — SRest can also help in identifying the areas of your business that could be made profitable by its solutions and can design the solution that is best suited for your organization, be it a small data transfer application or a wide-spread supply chain management solution.

SRest can help you achieve optimum effectiveness and efficiencies by building stronger top line and bottom line results. We understand E-business isn't just about technology. SRest stays focused on your business requirements — and then finds ways to use technology to achieve your business objectives. Our technical development has a wealth of experience and ability using a wide variety of Internet technologies. Our ability to combine technology with creative thinking ensures our customers are delivered cost effective and dynamic, database-driven websites suited to all of their business needs.

SRest also offers a variety of solutions designed to meet the demanding needs of financial service industry. Our full range of solutions and services include designing and developing front office applications, customizing self-service portals and E-commerce packages, and upgrading and managing your existing applications — all of which can be hosted in our state-of-the-art, on-demand, secure data centers.

SRest, understanding our clients' business strategy and objectives is fundamental to our success as a premier provider of strategic Internet business solutions. Whether your business goals are to build sales and revenue, reduce costs or create a new online product or service made possible by the Internet, Srest will create a Web strategy and tactical plan to allow you to meet and exceed your goals.

SRest’s Approach
SRest understands that every company's business needs are unique. Therefore, we begin our web strategy and consulting process by gaining a thorough understanding of our clients' objectives, business processes, functionality requirements and target audiences. Armed with this knowledge, SRest is able to create an effective web strategy for each of our clients through a scalable, flexible, online business development process that enables us to deliver a compelling online presence that makes sense for each organization.

With our flexible shopping cart system, you can build and manage a high performance E-Commerce enabled web site, automate business management with back office on-line tools and integrate with third party processors and banks for real-time electronic transactions.
Our goal is to help our clients to optimize their business performance. Our mission is to attain leadership in our chosen field through our commitment to quality, innovation, value for money and creativity.

Srest solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each industry in order to help move the business into the new e-business economy. 
Contact Us today for further information on the E-Commerce Solutions and let us know your plans or thoughts about moving to e-business.

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