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Founded in 2006, Srest group is lead by a Group of young IITians who have the vision to provide the best IT/Web services. Srest is still young company at heart despite being in business since 2006 we can still produce youthful and fresh design. In that short span, Srest has changed the landscape of the Web/IT industry. Quality, Security and Service drives us. We have simple goal is to be best in whatever we do.
You may wonder why shall we select SREST when there are so many other IT and WEB companies or independent providers. Developing website has become a complex business. It is beyond scope of most IT/Web providers to provide safe, secure, reliable and scalable solutions. Srest is among few which can develop secure and scalable solutions. In most solutions/code we touched, we improved it by 10 times.
Srest Global Services Inc. is a outsourcing service provider that offers one stop solution by finding IT-enabled solutions to your most pressing needs. We provide high quality, time bound, cost effective outsourcing IT services through our offshore facilities in India with front office support in USA & UK. We can also provide as many people needed onsite to support our clients. Changing and challenging IT business environment and technological and legislative changes act as a catalyst to this trend.
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Srest Global Services Inc. provides IT, Architecture, Accounting and Financial products, consulting, Application services, Technology solutions and services to global companies.

The name SRest means "The Best". An entity of very high value and achievements.
We are carving out our success by identifying new opportunities, innovation and procedures.

What separate us apart from our competitors?

--- our employees are  exceptional, motivated and driven by passion to excel
--- our management, are  totally technical and people driven

Our Business Philosophy

Business across globe is increasingly spending more and more in IT each year and getting lesser and lesser returns. IT which was supposed to be business enabler is becoming business killer.

A product even after decade still has bugs.  Clients are expected to pay for the bugs; where as in the first place should not have been there.

Even a client some how manages to survive a product, they are expected to upgrade; otherwise they are faced with Vendor not supporting the product which they sold.

Srest Global Services Inc. is committed to stand by its product.

  • SRest will release bug fixes which are free to our clients. Customer need  not to pay yearly fees or upgrade to our products. Like other IT companies, you buy and then keep on paying every year, again and again and again, just keep paying them, for the bugs which should not have been there. SRest first of try not to have any bugs, if a bugs is presents we will fix them at no cost for our client. Please report bugs as soon as possible as we strive to give the best products & services to our client. 

Our customer need not have  to buy upgrades (upgrade fixing bugs are provided  free of cost).

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